Wednesday, April 18, 2018

This just happened

There is so much snow that my iron table couldn't even take it any more. Sums up my feelings about the weather perfectly. In ten days I will be traveling to someplace much warmer. Scotland.
Scotland is not normally seen as a warm weather destination, but there we are. I am packing a rain coat, some sweaters, long sleeves and long pants - but not a parka, wool hat and mittens.
I am going to look for patterns in unusual places, maybe to turn them in to fabric designs. I am going to find the very stained glass window that inspired my parents to make one for my house - 35 years ago. I know it was a design by Charles Rennie MacIntosh, and it was located at a very famous Tea House in Glasgow. I hope to find castle MacLean and Ilean Donan - the McRay castle. I hope to be inspired by traveling to the land where my ancestors grew. If there is such a thing as genetic memory, I may feel a sense of recognition.

In the meantime I am blessedly busy here. Art Rapids is deep into the process of selecting artists and matching them with venues for the Second Experience Art Rapids. The event takes place June 9-22.  I wonder if the snow will be gone by then?

In addition to helping with EAR, I am also planning my Summer and Fall teaching schedule, looking for shows to enter, making new work and journaling about why I am an artist and what inspires me. I don't have complete answers to that yet. I know that it is partly about finding and expressing my unique self. Non verbally and mostly in private. In code.  But I am sure there is more to it than that.

Tonight is my last class session with a group of wonderful students at  NMC. I just added my next classes here on this blog - look under class schedule. I want to share with you a project by Nicole. She has taken a few classes from me - and is using her knowledge to design her own beautiful projects.

Nicole is using a technique called clasped weft to create her design. The yarn is alpaca. She has taken the clasped weft technique a bit further, and added a 3rd color in the center. So incredibly cool. The shawl is about 20 inches wide, and super soft. It will have a lovely drape once it comes off the loom - in part due to the doubled weft shot. I impressed with how carefully she has placed the weft threads to keep them parallel. I am proud. 

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