Monday, March 12, 2018

Its Slippery out there!

I can feel it! I can feel new energy and inspiration that often comes my way each Spring. It sure doesn't look like Spring today - the little tapestry here is pretty much what it does look like - except the lake is solid white, covered with a snowy layer on top of the ice. Just like my road. The new layer of snow gave me enough confidence to take my dog for a walk. It seemed fine until Lucy slipped and fell. I thanked her for the warning, and proceeded a little more carefully, only to fall on my bum ten steps later.  Twenty steps past that I fell again - and then gave up on the idea of a good long workout.

March! This is the month that confuses me the most. I am feeling Spring - I can hear the birds singing about it. Now and then we enjoy a warm, sunny day, and I start the hunt for green sprouts, or buds on trees. And then, sure enough, another blizzard or ice storm. It can try one's patience.

Anyway, I am inspired enough to update my blog today - I added several weaving to the tapestries page, and updated my teaching schedule. I hope you will visit the Tapestry Page to see what I have been working on - the ones closer to the bottom are the newest pieces. I have entered 3 of them in to Experience Art Rapids - which is this big, beautiful two week show in June. Art Rapids takes over the town of Elk Rapids, while many businesses give us space for wall art or sculpture. Last year was the first, and the response was fantastic. There are awards - both peoples choice and professionally juried. My work won't be eligible to win any award, but I will be thrilled just to be part of the show.

One source of my new creative energy may be from a cooking class G and I took last Saturday at The Cooks House in Traverse City. We made Bo Ssam. Actually, we watched while they made bo spam, and then we ate bo ssam. So tasty. Such an explosion of flavor, texture and color. I am confident that we can do this at home - and we will!

Experiences like that help to inspire my artwork, and boost my creativity, just by exposing me to something new. If you are feeling a case of the Winter Blues - challenge yourself to do something completely different sometime in your day tomorrow. And then you can pour your self your favorite warming beverage and curl up under the quilt.

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