Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 was, well, the prelude to 2018. Maybe we learned something.

I live and work in a magical place. This is my studio, from the outside. Inside I have a tapestry, and a Theo Moorman, and some screen print experiments in process. Rib are in the oven, and my butt hurts from snowshoeing earlier today. Who could ask for anything more?

I found 2017 to be stressful. Mainly from politics. As you all know - Trump took office, and proceeded to scare the daylights out of me (hello North Korea!) or piss me off royally (good bye Paris Agreement). Following this daily mess has been bad for my mood and bad for my health.

Other aspects of 2017 were just jolly! Art Rapids! launched an exciting new event called Experience Art Rapids! I was able to teach more, and enjoy my family a lot - especially over the last week. I took a surface design class from Shanna Robinson at NCMC, and picked up some fun new tricks, and some fun new friends.

2018 is in two days - an artificial turning point - but I will hang my hat on it anyway. I don't really buy into the whole New Years resolution thing. Too much pressure and potential for feeling guilty. I prefer to enumerate intentions - things I would like to see happen in 2018.  I won't share the whole list with you - but here are a few:

To be represented by a new gallery in my region
Teach more people
Teach at Blackbird Arts
Make more and better art
Participate in Experience Art Rapids! as an artist.
Participate in "Spaces Uncharted" at JRAC
(note - as I am part of the organizing committee for both of the above, this should be a shoe in.)
Sell some art work
Gain a commission
Weigh Less
Draw way more
Play guitar more
Be good to my friends
Do something spectacular with screen printing, stamping and other surface design tricks
Take a class at Blackbird
Laugh a lot
Visit Tucson - maybe do something with rust while I am there
Take great  care of my health. More yoga, more miles. More fruits and veggies. More mindful of alcohol. Wine is not water.
Continue the volunteer work I am already doing
Be a good wife, partner, companion, and cheerleader for Gary
Attend church a little more often, and become involved with a committee - for real this year.
Grow a regional (national?) reputation as an accomplished and relevant fiber artist
Do my part to help build NW Michigan as an Arts destination
Snow shoe again
Get enough rest,
and best for last; Back away from Facebook, and instead knit more and read more.

Did I mention I live in a magical place? Here is my parting gift to you this year.

Lucky shot.

I live and work in a magical place.

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