Friday, September 22, 2017

Getting Rusty

I am going back to school, and I am enrolled in a Textile Design Class at NCMC. Rather than getting rusty myself, I actually feel I am kicking any rustiness to the curb. Shanna's design exercises are great brain teasers. And the studio work is just a blast. Here are some images from this past week:

Rusty Bike Parts on a vinegar soaked piece of cotton.

We folded the fabric, compressed and waited a week, and this: 

hmmmmm. I love it - but it's not done yet. What else do I do to this piece? 

We also got to open our silk scarves. We soaked the scarves in a vinegar solution, placed leaves and plants - in my case smoke busk leaves and marigolds - inside, rolled it up super tight on a stick, and boiled it for hours in water with a bit of iron and many walnuts. Just before wrapping up, I stuck in a few bicycle spokes. Because they were there. On the table right next to me. 
Above is a close up of what it looked like after unwrapping, and before picking all the leaves out. Below is the final product. See those great dark horizontal stripes? Bike spokes. Turns things dark.

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