Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time flies

It is hard to believe that my last post was Baby Watch in Chicago. A mere 9 weeks later I am on baby watch again as I enjoy a visit from my daughter, her daughter and infant son.
Teagan (grandaughter age 2 and change) and I start the day with an odd form of partner yoga. She likes to do downward dog, under my downward dog. She loves to sit in the lap created by butterfly pose.
We are lucky enough to have unseasonably warm weather, and so we are spending most of our time in the lake.  Just the toes please - the water is still icy.


Tomorrow I will be teaching my first class at Northwestern Michigan College. It is in their adult community ed program.The class is a two week introduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving.  I can't wait to meet my students, and hopefully hook them in. A coil basketry class comes a week later.

In the meantime I am working on the planning of the ArtRapids! Art Fair on June 25. A wonderful selection of carefully juried artists, in a beautiful park, next to a beach in a charming small town in Northern Michigan. So idyllic!

Even though I have a little less time the studio these days. I have a start on an idea for my next Tapestry. The challenge is for the show Rare Threads hosted by JRAC, to make a fiber piece inspired by an heirloom. My heirloom, pictured below, hung in my Grandmothers kitchen for as long as I knew her. This was from the era of the Great Depression through WWII, and beyond. I have been researching my Grandmother, Agnes, by asking others who knew her for their memories of her. I know she was kind, loving, made great chocolate chip cookies and had a crochet hook in her hand every time she sat down. I didn't see her sitting very often or for very long - but she managed to produce many pillow edges, chair back covers and baby outfits. Sadly - I have none of those.
She had a clover patch in which to hunt for the lucky four leaf ones. She would press them in her bible, and send in letters to her sons serving their country overseas. Later she also sent one to a son who had suffered a heart attack. I remember once opening her bible, and dried four leaf clovers fell out from between the pages.

I also remember her garden, both vegetables and flowers. We would shell peas together on her front porch, watching cars go by and scoring points for each car of our chosen color. At that time,  the traffic was pretty thin - averaging about 5 per hour.


And now I find ways to quietly entertain my own grand daughter. Today we will make chocolate chip cookies together.