Monday, November 16, 2015


In the past I have found myself to be attracted to complexity. The more intricate and difficult a design was to make -the more satisfying I found it to be. 
Now I am discovering - perhaps again, simplicity has its charms. 
Complexity is plentiful. Maybe I don't need to create more. 

I needed hand towels for my powder room. I wanted them to be linen. I wanted them to match the counter top. I wanted them to be timeless. I tried to buy them at a local store - but my ideal towels didn't seem to exist there. Having decided that I could weave them, I was tempted by multi harness complex broken twills. Because I can! But dead simple seemed to be the way to go. 

 Here are the finger towels right off the loom.  Plain weave - rather stiff. I loved the drape - or lack of drape at this point. I momentarily considered  making the continuous piece into a table runner.
Instead, I threw the whole thing into the washer, on very hot, with lots of agitation. The fabric came out relatively soft, with a nice drape. Still a little tooth in them.  They will become softer over time. They feel great in my hands and absorb water well. They match my counter stone perfectly.  It was the combination of the right fiber with the right structure that got me the result I wanted.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the simple pleasures.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back in East Lansing for a minute

I am back in East Lansing for a quick little weekend. I attended the Grove Gallery holiday market opening last night. Always a good party, and so great to spend some time with my gallery buddies and art friends. I returned this morning to pick up a shawl that coordinates with the dress I plan to wear tonight. 
Grove Gallery is filled with wonderful gifts, and indulgences. I am sure that more work will continue to come on over the next month, but the selection is pretty darn amazing right now! 
325A Grove Street, East Lansing.