Friday, September 25, 2015


I am a recovering and relocated artist in a deluxe setting: big well equipped studio with a view.

After 10 years of running a small business, and 18 months of planning an house and a move, it is high time I get serious about this art thing. (Those who know me, or read my blog are forgiven if they are thinking "This again" or "Still?")

But now I feel that I have all the right pieces. I might even know where most of them are, and am starting to put those pieces together.
Here is my strategy:

1) meet as many local artists as I can.

2) Become familiar with all the arts organizations in the region - meaning "northwest Michigan". Get involved with a few. This will take some time to figure out.

3) Most important! Time in the studio. Everyday. Or at least 5 days per week. Or 4. Balance is also important. My house still needs lots of work - and then there are those friends and family that deserve a bit of time.

4) Also very important! It doesn't matter what happens in the studio. I can read in there. I can stare out the window. I can plan classes. I will draw everyday. And weave some. Spin some. Play around quite a bit. Try new stuff, or very old stuff that I used to like to do.

5) No judgement. So I can try stuff without fear. It is mental exercise. As with yoga, you are also not supposed to judge your forward bend. You are just supposed to do it, and be glad you did. If at the end of the day I like something I make, I might let it go out.

I have been working with this process for a week or so. I am feeling good about it. Nothing to send off to the galleries yet, but I can feel a blossoming. If you care to share your process in the comments I would enjoy reading about it.

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