Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Throw me a life jacket!

I am in my new studio, watching all of my countertops being unloaded from a truck. Our house is not quite finished, but I am happy to be living here.

I have heard it said that moving ranks as one of the most stressful events. There is all the packing, unpacking and other logistical stuff. But maybe the most stressful part is the total lack of routine. All the old routines have been trashed and new ones must be built. Where to buy groceries, how to make my morning coffee and where to drink it. I am surprised by how attached I am to my rituals and habits. When all else is going haywire, I cling to the simple actions that mark my days. My routines create some form and structure. I rely on them to get me through tough times. The more deeply entrenched the habit - the harder it is to break. The flip side would be a new sense of freedom and possibility. New house, new neighbors, new studio. Good time to develop some new and improved routines.

Top of my list is figuring out my studio. I have lots of art and fiber related books. I have lots of yarn. My equipment is pretty darn big. Making sense of it all so that I can clear a new space to create is my current challenge.