Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I have heard or seen the word "re-home" more than once lately - so it is totally legit. Autocorrect hates it, and may have a point.

As I am packing up to move a couple of hundred miles, I am using this opportunity to find new homes for many things I won't be needing any more. In truth haven't needed in a very long time.

I have found new homes for:
A danish modern cabinet
A large princess bed

Books - so many books the poor librarian began to protest that they couldn't process so many. Then she glanced at the ones on top - and said; "but I guess I want them."
 It was a rich donation of hard cover novels and coffee table style art books, plus a smattering of academic art books. It broke my heart to see them go.

I am taking more books with me than I will have shelving for, so I should quit whining.

Other re-homed items:
dishes/ side dishes/pewter etc
Coins! I rolled $700 worth of coins yesterday, and gave a big bag of pennies to Woven Art. Retail stores always need the pennies.
Too much to list.

As I go through every item in my house, I evaluate on the basis or "keep or toss". So many things I am leaving behind are things I was once interested in, such as my collection of State Quarters. That's how I got to $700 in loose change.
Leaving things behind means I have given up on that interest or hobby. It means I have changed a bit over the past twenty years. That is not a bad thing, but it is a sobering thing. A little bit emotional, especially as I sift through the evidence of my children growing. Up, up and away.

Funny. I cannot seem to let go of even two inches of yarn, or any book that mentions anything to do with the fiber arts. Even the really bad ones. I guess at least one thing hasn't changed!

In the spirit of moving on I am leaving a gift at Woven Art for my former customers and Meg's current and future ones.

Two patterns! Free with Purchase! Any purchase!

Upscale Granny - A large Granny square originally crocheted from Silky Alpaca Lace. Would be lovely in any lace weight yarn.

Check Mate Cardigan
A long cardigan with an open front, knit at a DK gauge, with interesting sleeve and collar details.
Head over to Woven Art! 

My new home isn't quite ready for me yet - but I am in the process of falling in love with my new community. Elk Rapids has a lot going for it - beautiful beaches and quaint shops - and the people I have met so far are kindred spirits. I know how to find them!