Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello Goodbye!

Our new house is nearing completion. Our old (current) house has a buyer. Things are happening - fast, baby! 

I haven't started the serious packing just yet, as I don't have a solid completion date for the new house. I do have a solid "turn over the keys" date, so thats really no excuse. 

I dislike uncertain plans. Lucky for me I have plenty to distract myself with. 

Firstly, my show at Grove Gallery, "Journal Entries" is in it's last week. Please go see my show! It comes down Sunday - so get there by Saturday. Please? Leave me a note in the little black book. Did you hear that I am leaving town? Do this as a goodbye gift for me. "Journal Entries" for those of you who don't know, is a documentation in tapestry of the last two years of my life. It begins with selling Woven Art, and proceeds through building our new house, and my experiences during this pretty big transition. I am very grateful I had that project to pull me through. 
It is worth seeing. Some people have been moved to tears. Yes, I am begging. Don't make me do that. 

Next up: a three day Tapestry Workshop at Interlochen Creative College July 20-22. If you would enjoy an immersive course in the foundations of Tapestry please consider joining us. Look under the Teaching tab above for more info.

I also am involved with a developing Fiber Shed movement in northwest Michigan. One aspect of this will be a weekend event at Interlochen filled with classes and vendors relating to local and sustainable fiberarts. That weekend is September 26-28. More information about that weekend will be available soon - but do put it on your calendar now. The theme for this year will be "Upcycle, Recycle and locally sourced". If you already work in this way, with these types of materials, we would like to hear from you. Contact Interlochen, or respond in the comments. 

Last - but certainly not least, I am working with the Michigan Fiber Coalition to develop a pretty Michigan made yarn. Michigan Fiber producers have been working on this concept for years - but in a way it is still in its infancy. I get my mitts on some of this yarn next week. 

So - you see I am doing a lot of "spinning" though not much on a spindle. Just around and around in my head.