Friday, June 20, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

A trip to Grand Rapids under heavy clouds turned into a wonderful adventure. First, lunch at San Chez, while watching the storm pass over Grand Rapids. The sky went from gray to nearly black while we shared our tapas. The hostess  came to our table to tell us where to go if the alarms should sound off. For any of you who have odd eating restrictions, San Chez is wonderful. They have five separate menus to address the most common food allergies. And the food? Delicious.

My lunch companions were Megan Blysma, associate director of UICA, and Deb Cholewicki, manager of Grove Gallery in East Lansing. After a wonderful lunch, Deb and I enjoyed a personal, behind the scenes tour of UICA. It has a wonderful theater, four floors of art, and will soon have a member lounge for meetings.There is also a space for artists to hold workshops, and more. It is a great building. Wonderful! The *business* reason for our visit to UICA was to drop off artwork for the gift shop. You can now find wonderful work by Deb Cholewicki and myself at the UICA gift shop. I am beyond thrilled!

After our UICA business was completed (thank you Jacqueline!) Deb and I headed over to Grapids to see the space that will host my Great Felt Lakes during Art Prize this year. There will be several other  lake and water themed pieces there at the same time. I am so happy to be working with this wonderful company. They had 5000 visitors to their site last year. I am going to need lots of paper and many, many pins. Aaron had a great idea of how to include the sound portion of my installation. Thanks Aaron! I have a bit of research to do. You know those graphic codes you can point your phone at, and get more information about stuff? Anyone out there know how to get those? How to use them?

Great Felt Lakes and Sutra/Suture  are currently at Grove Gallery for a short amount of time. If you would please go over to Grove Gallery this weekend, and share a memory of anywhere in the Great Lakes region, your memory will go to Art Prize! Grove is open Thursday - Sunday. Located in downtown East Lansing.

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