Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love, Support, Hammering and Hanging

These are just a few of the benefits I have enjoyed as a member of the Grove Gallery and Studios.

Recently I have been taking a look back at work I did many years ago - as part of the process of finding and feeding the artist in me.  Around this time, a small room became available - temporarily - at Grove Gallery. This seemed to be an opportunity to show some of my older work, in a new way.

Hence - an installation mashup of "The Great Felt Lakes" and Sutra/Suture.

The Great Felt Lakes, made of white industrial felt, is a fairly accurate, hand cut profile of the great lakes. It has always been shown on the floor, along with an invitation to write a memory of times spent at a spot on a Michigan Beach, or port, or a boat, and pin this memory to the location on the big felt map. These lakes have traveled extensively around the country, and I have hundreds of written memories.

Sutra/Suture is the stencil of the 15' piece of felt that the lakes were from.  A warp was hand sewn back in - very laborious stitching (hence suture). Plastic produce bags were collected from local Grocery stores, sliced into strips and woven into the warped lakes. It is meant to be a meditation on the impact our daily lifestyle has on the health of our larger environment. The word Sutra here means " a thread or line that holds things together".

Because of the size of the room, this is the most intimate showing of these pieces yet to happen. The lakes literally clim the walls. Sutra/Suture hangs like a curtain.

My best hope for this showing is that it will draw in many people who want to celebrate their own experience of our great State and our Great Lakes with a memory to share. It is up now at Grove Gallery, but for an undetermined amount of time.

325A Grove Street
East Lansing, MI 48823

I recommend calling before visiting. The gallery will be open longer hours this weekend for the East Lansing Art Festival

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