Thursday, May 22, 2014

A good day for Krokbragd

I mailed a rug off to my daughter Kristin for her birthday last week. Yesterday she called to say how much she loves it.
I made it for her because she said she wanted one. That ploy usually works pretty well on me - try it sometime! She wanted one because she saw the one I made for her sister and her boyfriend, (who happens to be of scandinavian descent), and I felt their new apartment needed some colorful rugs. I am told the cats love to play slip and slide on the rug.

While trying to research this weave structure, I didn't find much. I am sure there is loads of information out there. I just didn't find it. My best information was a paragraph in Peter Collingwood's Rug Book.  So, I proposed an article to Handwoven Magazine based on using Krokbradg for it's potential for designing on the fly.  I am thrilled to say, that article has hit the stands.
You can find a copy here:Interweave Store

I was really happy to figure out how to execute Krokbragd on the rigid heddle loom - using 2  5 dent heddles, you can make a very sturdy rug, by repeating the 3 basic shots, and playing with color combinations.

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