Friday, April 4, 2014

On how knitting makes the world smaller

Gary and I were at a bar on a small island, very far away, about a week ago. It was open mic night, and the talent was varied and amazing. Gary struck up a conversation with our table mates, and somehow worked it in that I am a knitter.

"Susan - we have a knitter!", said Suki.

Susan immediately came to welcome me and struck up a conversation about knitting. I told her that I have loads of experience helping knitters, as I used to own a yarn shop. I enjoyed ten years of picking up dropped stitches, deciphering patterns, and mostly giving encouragement, and boosting confidence.

Before long Susan had invited me to come back in a year, stay with her and knit with her island knitting group. I am charmed and thrilled. I also found out that she had taken a class with Sarah Peasley, who happens to be a very good friend.  So - small world. Small, friendly world if you are lucky enough to be a knitter!

I have experienced the power of knitting as an ice breaker before. It happens often in groups that expect you to be a knitter, such as the major knitting conferences, or at retreats. But occasionally I get to meet another knitter under other circumstances - and every time, gain an instant bond. 

Here is a picture of tapestry #3 in progress. Only about 3 inches more to go. Though I started this over two months ago, it seems to have the feel of the ocean, and maybe the beach.  I didn't plan it that way.

Sunday I am teaching a double heddle for the rigid heddle loom class. There are a couple of open spots, but you need to have a remeasured warp ready to go. Call 517-203-4467 for more information.

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