Saturday, February 15, 2014

I agree with Anne Lamott and Woody Alan about this one thing: the importance of showing up. Once the decision has been made to put all your eggs into the creative basket - be it painting, writing, weaving, or whatever, all the trolls and devils come to the surface. 

Why does this matter? 

It isn't any good anyway. 

You are just making more stuff that nobody will care about. 

The only way past these monsters is to show up anyway. Show up and do the work. Try not too judge it too harshly.  

This has become my process and my practice since selling Woven Art  - my yarn shop. I work hard to set aside judgement, and just show up in my studio every day. And it is working. I am working. Often I do not know what or why. I believe part of my growth as an artist will be to become more at ease with this uncertainty. 

I take refuge in teaching. It is pleasurable, and a measurable achievement to share knowledge. It also requires that I study - to deepen my own knowledge of the field. Another pleasure. 

Pictured here is the second tapestry in my series. I did not know when I began it exactly what it would turn out to look like. I find myself surprised every day. When you look at this, understand that it is woven from the bottom to the top.  Warm tones turned to dark, with a glaring contrast - the final strip of blue really took me by surprise. 

Now I get to start another one next week. No idea what it will be - but I will show up to make it all the same.

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Barb Hranilovich said...

I especially appreciate the sentiment about just making more stuff...and the encouragement to make it anyway. It's an ongoing devil on the shoulder, for sure!