Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 MLH Summer Workshops

You are invited to participate in the Michigan League of Handweavers’ three day workshops taking place from August 8-10 at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.   For many of us it will be a hard choice to pick only one of our eight gifted instructors.

Dawn Edwards is back to teach Explorations in Nuno-Felt and Eco-Printing.  All skill levels will experience the magic of felting silk and wool into a lightweight scarf which will be enhanced by eco printing.

In Wynne Mattila’s class, Finnish Runner/Cotton Rug Technique, students will take home a table runner which they designed and wove in the Finnish rag rug style using cotton fabric strips as weft.  Students must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Connie Lippert will teach Wedge Weave Fundamentals.  In contrast to most weaves, which are woven on a plane horizontal to the loom, wedge weave is woven on the diagonal. This results in a weft-faced product with many distinctive characteristics and exciting design potential.  Student Level: Intermediate.

Inge Dam’s class, Tablet Woven Side Borders, will teach students to weave tablet borders simultaneously with loom weaving, adding  a unique art edge to your work.  Students must know Plain Weave.

Jenny Schu will share in her class, 3 Day Beaded Leaves and Variations,  her stunning technique for the basic beaded leaf component and variations that you will use in the design of your jewelry or embellishment in your fiber work.  All skill levels welcome.

Holly Brackmann comes to us with Dyeing without a Dyepot: Disperse Dyes
Students will learn to use copy machine transfers, yarn transfers, rubbings, monoprinting, Thermofax screen printing, painting, stamping, foiling, stitching, resist and collage techniques to produce endless design possibilities on a variety of fabrics.
No dye experience required.

Nancy McRay will teach us Foundations of Tapestry   Learn to weave an art tapestry with discontinuous weft yarns that make a designed image on plain weave fabric.  Please bring a tapestry loom with adjustable tension and a shedding device.  Beginners are welcome.

Rosalie Neilson’s class, It’s in the Warp: Color & design in Rep Learn how blocks of Rep threaded on four or eight shafts, can be combined to expand the design possibilities of warp-faced Rep weave.

MLH presents to you, a talented group of instructors who are eager to show you ways to broaden your knowledge in extra ordinary ways.

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