Monday, January 6, 2014

High Wind Alert

The transition from 2013 to 2014 has been challenging, and thrilling. I had the good fortune to have my children and their others home for Christmas - 7 of us in all. The first of them arrived Sunday, to a cold dark house. Our home was a casualty of the great ice storm of 2013.  We were able to locate a generator - and except that we couldn't run the dishwasher, or the espresso machine for fear of blowing out the furnace, we were pretty comfortable indeed. Yes, we hand washed dishes for 9 days in a row. No microwave. No TV. Internet limited to what we can get from the hot spot created by a cell phone. Those last three things are still true. I hope to get hooked back up to civilization on Thursday. I will have to live without a microwave until I can get to a big box store with a good selection.  Currently my city government has declared a snow emergency, and is prohibiting any non-critical travel. You see, after the ice cleared, and the power lines reattached, the blizzard of 2014 occurred. The picture above is our back yard. We have terraces. Yes we do - you just can't see them under the foot of snow. 

The biggest event for me in 2013 was to sell Woven Art. I nurtured and shepherded this yarn store and fiber arts education center for ten years. The last 6 months have been spent developing n.anne design studio. 2014 will be proving time. I have a few big things going on:

Grove Gallery Co-op has agreed to let me join as a working member and my first day is day after tomorrow. I will be working there about once a week, and selling my finished artwork and wearables.  I really need a community of artists to bump around with. Grove Gallery is full of artists I like and respect.  I plan to learn a lot from them - I hope I can share some knowledge of my own in return. 

I am helping to plan a fiber arts event at Interlochen, near Traverse City for June 30-July 2. I will be able to share more details later, but at this point it looks like I will be teaching a dyeing class, and a Rigid Heddle Weaving class. Sarah Peasley will be teaching a knitting class. Part of our plan, to encourage fiber explorers to take multiple classes is to structure the dye class to create yarn to knit or weave with.  We are also working on plans for a second fiber event in September. 

I have been invited to teach a three day tapestry workshop at the MLH conference at Hope College in August. Titled "Foundations of Tapestry", this beginner to intermediate class will begin with good warping techniques, and work through various shapes and joins. 

I have several classes in the works to teach at Woven Art - my floor loom weaving class begins January 30. It is currently full - but if you are interested, please call Woven Art to get on the waiting list. 517-203-4467. 

Though the past few weeks have been far from normal, I have continued to work on tapestry and spinning. Here is a view of my current tapestry in progress - beginning in November through the few lines I wove this morning. Looks a bit like a transition from Fall to Winter. 

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