Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back yard deer

So many people are posting pictures of the deer that frolic through their backyards - I just had to share mine. This gets fatter with each snow fall. I wonder - is he munching on our tree?

Kelly and Murphy loved the rug I made them for Christmas, and sister Kristin liked it too. I have the very early starts of Kristin's rug to share today. Here is the warp going onto the loom.
Wrapping the warp in inch wide bundles around the front beam helps hold some tension on the warp as you wind on - a trick I learned from Sherri Smith while in school in Ann Arbor. 
These are the main colors. Plus a few leftovers from the previous rug. Lucky me - as a dyer, I can just head down to my basement to make the colors I want. This rug is going to go live in Tucson where the sunsets look like this:

All over the sky.

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