Friday, November 1, 2013

Retreat! And Progress.

I am recovering still from three days of total immersion in yarn and knitting with friends at the Woven Art Retreat. This was the last one that I had a hand in planning, as I have turned the reins over to the capable and loving hands of Meg Croft.  I started a new project  at the retreat that will be a shop model at Woven Art. I am knitting it in the delicious Eco Duo, Zebra color way.

While I was in the Traverse City area, I engaged in a bit of new grand baby shopping (it's a girl!) (not here yet!), and also a big planning session with a great institution. I wish I could tell you more, but it is really too early to spill any beans yet.

I got a lot going on.

Planning a house to build in a year.
Expecting a grand daughter in February
Helping plan  a _______
Growing my new business, which remains very fluid, but involves lots of teaching.
Plus the usual; Christmas, Family vacations, etc.

I admit, sometimes I curl up on the couch and indulge in Candy Crush marathons. But not today!
Today I share with you my tapestry progress.

Thank you Margo, for your previous comment - I am interested in what you all think about this as it grows. I do not know what will happen next in this one - but I do really enjoy the process. 

Please check out my class schedule. Please sign up for anything that interests you, and let me know what else you might be interested in! 

I have also begun to add pictures of items I have for sale. Currently I have three items listed under the tab "Wearable" 

Thank you. 

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