Tuesday, November 26, 2013

krokbragd and tapestry

Last progress post on the first tapestry in my series. She has been cut off and is resting on the couch.  Ignore the part with the gray diamonds on blue background. That is not part of this tapestry. Also ignore the violet stripe at the very top. That is hem. Did you know that it is important for a tapestry to rest for a day or two before blocking? After Thanksgiving, I will do the finishing work.

Here is the warp for the next tapestry. The plan for the series, as of now, is five or six tapestries. All will be the same size. All will be unplanned, with handspun  yarn. All will be reflective of my current state of mind, and circumstance. They will all be documented by date.

another project: a rug for Kelly and Murphy's apartment. Murphy comes from Scandinavian stock, and I have always thought Krokbradg to be very pretty. Their apartment needs a bit of color.  I researched on line and in my many books, and learned a little bit about Krokbradg. The threading was always the same: 1-2-3-2-1 etc. (There is a 4 shaft version - maybe next time I will explore that).

The advice I could find for treadling had some variations. I was getting confused. I looked at Peter Collingwood's The techniques of Rug Weaving in which there was a short article. His advice was to treadle 12 -23-13. So instead I took the advice I had found on line and treadled 1-2-3.  I mean how would fit be different? The difference is which side has longer floats - so therefore which side would show the pattern.  Peter was right.  How could I have doubted him? The picture on top is how it looks with the 1-2-3- treadling.

This is how it looks treadled Peter's way. I gotta tell you. This is fun. You can use 1, 2 or 3 colors at a time. The pattern is controlled by the order in which you throw the colors. I am having a blast trying to create new patterns. My warp is sett a but tighter than it probably should be - you can see bits of warp. I am hoping that when it is washed, this will disappear.  The yarns are all hand dyed - most with natural dyes. I picked up Walnuts in Jessy's yard for the dark brown, used brazil wood chips that Kristin had sent me for the soft orange color.  A customer friend gave me the chocineal for the red. The blue and gray are left over from past tapestries. Every color in this rug has a bit of history.  And next, it will warm up my daughter's kitchen.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tapestry Update

My days have been filled with receptions, events, family and volunteering. The tapestry is still progressing, here is proof!  It will be finished within a couple of weeks. And I will begin the process again. I always encounter some resistance from myself at the beginning and the end of any project. I don't really want to end my ongoing involvement with this piece of weaving. I will miss it. 

The flip side of the coin is the pressure I will feel when I first encounter a big empty warp. Will I be brave enough to just pick up some yarn and weave, as I did with this one. This one needs a better name. I think I might call it Shift.  I see seismic shifts throughout the piece, especially at the beginning. I began to weave it right after selling my ten year old business. It must somehow reflect the personal shift in my life. The glowing bowl? Waiting to be filled? An offering? Is Shift and Gift too corny? 

I have two classes on the books this week - Color Confidence on Thursday, November 21 from 5 to 8 p.m. It is not too late to sign up - call Woven Art , 517-203-4467. You will learn some trade tricks to make exciting (or soothing!) color choices. 
The other class in on Sunday - A Brioche moebius cowl class. First you will learn a special cast on, then you will learn how to knit two color Brioche in the round. The result is a smooshy, bulky, long cowl scarf. Fast to execute, perfect for giving. Again, at Woven Art, Sunday November 24.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Retreat! And Progress.

I am recovering still from three days of total immersion in yarn and knitting with friends at the Woven Art Retreat. This was the last one that I had a hand in planning, as I have turned the reins over to the capable and loving hands of Meg Croft.  I started a new project  at the retreat that will be a shop model at Woven Art. I am knitting it in the delicious Eco Duo, Zebra color way.

While I was in the Traverse City area, I engaged in a bit of new grand baby shopping (it's a girl!) (not here yet!), and also a big planning session with a great institution. I wish I could tell you more, but it is really too early to spill any beans yet.

I got a lot going on.

Planning a house to build in a year.
Expecting a grand daughter in February
Helping plan  a _______
Growing my new business, which remains very fluid, but involves lots of teaching.
Plus the usual; Christmas, Family vacations, etc.

I admit, sometimes I curl up on the couch and indulge in Candy Crush marathons. But not today!
Today I share with you my tapestry progress.

Thank you Margo, for your previous comment - I am interested in what you all think about this as it grows. I do not know what will happen next in this one - but I do really enjoy the process. 

Please check out my class schedule. Please sign up for anything that interests you, and let me know what else you might be interested in! 

I have also begun to add pictures of items I have for sale. Currently I have three items listed under the tab "Wearable" 

Thank you.