Saturday, October 5, 2013

The tapestry diary

As anyone who has read this blog before, or talks to me *ever*, knows I sold my shop, Woven Art, last July 1. It was, without question, the right time, and very fortunately, to the right person. It is not so much that I was just "done".  I rely strongly on my inner guidance.  The message was strong and clear, even as I tried to ignore it. It was just as strong and clear as it had been 10 years before with the simple message "Open a Yarn Shop!".  This time the message was "Time to move on - your energy is needed elsewhere".  Just where, and doing just what hasn't been clearly revealed to me yet.

So, now for the transition. I immediately set up n.anne design studio as a way to organize a business around teaching, designing and exploring fiber art. Bankers were surprisingly good at hiding their skepticism.  I didn't need to borrow money - but I did need a credit card and a bank account. And I needed a structure.

I listened to myself as I told someone at a party that this is an excellent opportunity for me to really dig in and explore art. My form of  art is currently fiber. There is an awful lot to explore there. The rest of my life will not give me the time to do an in depth study of everything fiber.  I may have to narrow down further. Currently I am taking a close study of Collapse Weaves - by which I mean methods that create movement, texture, and possibly change the shape of fabrics.

Also, I am re-engaging in Tapestry. This is possibly the slowest way to cover up some warp threads.

Third,  I am spinning yarn for both  - overspun yarns can be useful in creating textures and interest in fabrics.  A variety of fine singles yarn can be used bundled together to create deep rich colors in Tapestry.

I believe I have begun a tapestry series, working title: The Tapestry Diaries. I have a start on the first one. I started it on an existing warp of an old experimental tapestry I had abandoned long ago.  My rules are:
Must spin the yarn, or use the tapestry yarn I still have from ages ago.
No thinking!
No tearing back - OK maybe just a little if I notice that I skipped a thread two rows below - but not because of any change of heart. It will be what it will be.
As I weave, I allow the working image to tell me what happens next. It is a little like reading a novel. I suspect what might come next, but I honestly don't know until I get there. I am enjoying this element of surprise.
I believe that in this way, my tapestry will reflect what is happening deep inside - it is a way of listening to, and perhaps calling out that inner guidance that I can't live without.

I am going to be very brave, and show you the first tapestry in progress.

What do you think? No! Don't tell me!

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