Friday, October 11, 2013

New Classes coming soon

A new session of floor loom weaving will be starting at Woven Art on October 30. It will be 6 weeks, meeting on Wednesdays from 1 to 3:30 p.m. There are already 3 people in the class, with a limit of 6, so if you are interested, please call Woven Art today at 517-203-4467.

I had the great fun of visiting Interlochen this past Wednesday to get a tour of their visual arts facilities for the academy students as well as for the Adult College. I was completely blown away, and want to go live there. It is a place with sandy paths (paved ones too), lots of trees, gentle breezes, practice cabins, and drool worthy studios, extremely well equipped. Art of all media is taken seriously there. The students are visually well nourished, as evidenced by the work I saw in the hallways, on counters, in the studios - everywhere.

I was there to discuss the possibility of some adult fiber arts programming - so now my head is spinning with possibilities. I also need to submit a new schedule of classes to Woven Art.  I am considering another round of intermediate to advanced Rigid Heddle weaving, including Textures and Patterns, Two heddle Weaving, Twill and Waffle, Theo Moorman. I would love some feedback. Dear Readers, what would you like me to teach? When would you like me to teach it?
Here is some inspiration from Guatemala. This is on my dining table, and I love to stare at it while eating breakfast. This was most likely woven on a backstrap loom. I am not going to teach backstrap weaving - but we can get a similar effect on a Rigid Heddle loom with pick up sticks, in a technique called supplemental weft embroidery. 

Last picture: 
Progress on my tapestry. I swear, I didn't see that coming. 

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Margo S. said...

Am loving the tapestry--its colors and patterns.
Would love to learn more about collapsed weave.