Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art Prize

On Wednesday, I traveled to Grand Rapids to take in a bit of Art Prize. This annual art experiment is in it's fourth year - but this was the first trip for me. If you haven't heard, this art show is in venues all over the city of Grand Rapids, anyone can enter, and everyone gets to vote on their favorites. There is prize money for the winners - Big Prize Money. I may have to throw my hat (or hand knit scarf?) in the ring next year.  I was on the look out for fiber art.
This is Wool House by Annie Belle. It is located on the 5th floor of UICA. I voted for this one because it is super cool. It celebrates knitting, brings about a feeling of warmth and safety. It is knit from wool roving. Go see it in person! 
This is Chasing Ice by Danielle Rante. It is carefully cut paper and lava rocks. It is meant to cause us to think about the polar caps, melting. It is extraordinary.  At The GRAM

This is Fluidity, by Shea Hester-Haddard. It is a collection of tiny porcelain vessels. Some bowls, but as they climb the walls, more like pinched butterflies. They look as though they are trying to escape. No, not fiber - but it has some things in common with fiber art.  Evidence of being made by hand, and a repetition of form are also often present in works of fiber art. You can see this one at UICA, also on the 5th floor. 

I voted for many more than these three. It seemed that the best stuff was at the two Museums, but I also saw loads of very cool art at some of the other venues along the way. You can't risk skipping a venue! It was a fabulous day, until I got back to my car:
A street lamp fell off its post, and on to my car. How can that even happen? I got there just in time to see the clean up guys toss the big thing into their clean up vehicle, and a Police Woman was also there. That part was lucky, I guess.  I got a case number, and a phone number to call at the City. Now, my car is at the body shop, and I am trying to find a car to rent. 

I am looking forward to this Saturday, when I get to talk with the Michigan Weaver's Guild in Southfield about Collapse Weaves. I will share more about that on my blog next week. 

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