Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Searching for Fiber in Ann Arbor

I braved the heat to go to the Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair this morning. I had very limited time, so I headed straight over to N. University. I only stopped to look at fiber. A few things stood out.

My first stop was the Ann Arbor Fiber Art Guild Booth at the corner of State and N. University. This active guild has a wide variety of very high quality fiber arts on exhibit - from nuno felt to complex woven wall hangings. While there, I met Madeline Navarro.

Madeline works with felt  - these hats are just one example. 

Millie Danielson, a favorite tapestry artist, was sitting nearby, and I really enjoyed the chance to catch up with this great talent.

Onward through the fair:

Susan F Hill.  Susan works with pieced fabrics, and fiber collages. Her work includes pillows, screens and wall hangings. The fiber collages that I saw were framed. I was intrigued by her composition and play with color and texture to create layers and movement. Much of the movement in these pieces was created by the portions of the collage that was woven tapestry. The artist apparently cuts up tapestries she has woven to insert. Her dynamic work includes a bit of whimsy, as most "break the frame" with lines or bits of fabric that seem to escape through the border around the body of the work. 

Please visit her website for much better pictures of her work. 

My next favorite artist was Natalia Margulis. Insanely intricate and layered embroidery. Please follow the link to see her images. The pictures on her website are of excellent quality - but as she pointed out to me, you have to experience these treasures in person to appreciate the depth and design. Many were not exactly flat - they had a slight undulation, that served the purpose of the composition. There were a variety of sizes, but I was most taken by the small ones that somehow conveyed a big sense of mystery and intrigue. 

If you go I suggest parking near Kerry Town. It is a bit of a walk but I found an easy parking spot near the corner of Catherine and Fourth Street. $1.50 per hour. There is a 3 hour limit - but in today's heat 3 hours was plenty for me. A bonus to this plan is the many wonderful restaurants to provide refreshment before you head back out of town. 

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