Thursday, July 11, 2013

Am I blogging again?

Is it just me?
I dont post very often, but I would like to change that. However, with the changes that Google has made to blogger, sometimes it seems impossible to access my blog. Only sometimes. That is what has me baffled. Today, I finally figured out that google has my blogger account associated with an e-mail address I didn't even know I had. So, good folks who have tried to follow my blog - both of you, please accept my apologies for my apparent silence. I may have it straightened out. Or not. I may start a new blog somewhere else.

For those of you who don't yet know, I recently (last week!!) sold my wonderful yarn shop to my wonderful manager, Meg Croft, aka Nepenthe. You can find her over at YarnLaboratory. I am still getting my land legs back. I have been sailing the small business retail sea for ten years now.
So far I have spent a lot of time organizing my studio. I am also playing around with making a website from which I hope to sell original patterns for weaving and knitting. I plan to  use the website as a way to make my teaching schedule public. I have lots to think about. Ironically, I have not been knitting, weaving, spinning or dyeing very much in the last few weeks. Transitions are weird and disorienting. Even when they are very much the right thing.

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