Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second scarf syndrome

It's not as bad as second sock syndrome, a knitters complaint. When beginning a new project, such as a scarf, many weavers will put on enough warp for two or more, to save time. The fun and challenge is to make the second one different from the first, even though you have the same kind of yarn, and the same threading. You can vary the treading and the colors, and get something completely different. Here is a picture of my second piece from the table runner in pastels that I showed a few posts ago. The warp is the same linen and silk blend, and the treading is mostly the same too.

This second one is clearly a wrap, based on the drape and grist. I used a very fine silk for the weft this time, instead of the relatively coarse tussah in the first one. I also wove a border in overshot near each end. I like including this clue to the pattern. You can see the relationship to the elongated shibori pattern.

I was very happy with the results of the first dye bath. The copper color bled to a silvery background that may not be apparent in this photo. But I had wanted a greener shade. And, I needed to make a tiny repair where one of the shibori knots got caught on an edge thread. So I dip dyed the scarf with the green.

Currently I have an afghan on my big loom. I am planning my next woven shibori project. Maybe I should get a start on my annual kitchen towels. Or, maybe make some bright pillows for my gray couch. This time of year gray is just gray.

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It's beautiful!