Thursday, November 1, 2012

Put some hemp on that baby!

My trip to Santa Fe have me lots of train, plane, and bar knitting time. Enough to just about finish this cute little baby sweater: Elegant Empire from Lana Knits. I used the yarn "Hempton" a blend of 30% hemp, 30% modal, and 40% cotton. Made in Italy. It comes in some beautiful colors, this one is called cypress. As I was working with this yarn I noticed the luxurious feel and drape. Now I really want a summer sweater for myself made from this yarn. This baby sweater took two and a half balls for the 6 month size. At a cost of 7.25 per ball, that is a pretty reasonable cost for a baby sweater. You could machine wash and dry this sturdy yarn, but why would you ever do that to a hand knit? Nice to know that if the recipient ever does toss it in the machine, it will survive!

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vtknitboy said...

what is this pattern?!