Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Land of Entrapment

My youngest and I recently took a trip to Santa Fe, NM. I had been there before, a few times. It is indeed a magical place, one that calls you back.

We did all the things that we McRays do on Mom-Daughter trips. We bought ourselves some cowboy boots. We went out dancing. Walked home from the bar in the middle of the night. Visited some East Lansing friends. Ate very well. Saw a ton of art, some of it great. Took a cooking class.

The stand out experience for me was our hike to the "White Place", so dubbed by Georgia O'Keefe. This is a grouping of white cliffs near the little town of Abiquiu. It is not well known. It is all on private land owned by a Mosque. There are some small discreet signs that make it clear you are welcome to be there.
On leaving your car, you begin to walk toward some tall white cliffs. From there you enter a huge canyon of white. Continuing down the river bed trail, the canyon narrows until you come to the end and find yourself completely enveloped with smooth, white, rolling rock walls. We were there in the late afternoon, and the light was quite dramatic. Not wanting to be there in the dark, once the sun dipped behind the west wall, I hurried us out of there. My one regret from our magic week.

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