Friday, May 11, 2012

I haven't decided yet on which two new projects to start. In progress is Meriwether, a set of kitchen towels on the home loom, a collapse weave scarf on the shop studio loom, a reversible double knit hiking vest for my daughter.  But which should I start? I decided to make Dahlia for Team Woven Art in the Ravelympics (join up!) (there are benefits!), so I can't start that one yet. But, Diamond Sage Wrap, or Color Affection, or...

While I was pondering this last night, I grabbed a set of needles, some zauberball crazy, and accidentally cast on for Wingspan.  What can I say - knitting helps me think. I am not counting this as a new project - espcially because I am using stash yarn! It is more of a "bridge" project, to tide me over while I decide.

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