Friday, May 11, 2012

I haven't decided yet on which two new projects to start. In progress is Meriwether, a set of kitchen towels on the home loom, a collapse weave scarf on the shop studio loom, a reversible double knit hiking vest for my daughter.  But which should I start? I decided to make Dahlia for Team Woven Art in the Ravelympics (join up!) (there are benefits!), so I can't start that one yet. But, Diamond Sage Wrap, or Color Affection, or...

While I was pondering this last night, I grabbed a set of needles, some zauberball crazy, and accidentally cast on for Wingspan.  What can I say - knitting helps me think. I am not counting this as a new project - espcially because I am using stash yarn! It is more of a "bridge" project, to tide me over while I decide.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finish one, start two

I finished Spectra, a design by Stephen West. Just in time for the staff Stephen West staff show at Woven Art, starting May 16. That means I get to start two new projects, but what should they be? This question is usually pretty easy. This time I have several contenders.

1) There is Dahlia. I already have the yarn waiting in my studio - Mountain Meadows Cody in moss. I love the lace panel in back, and the sweater construction. It seems like a perfect Summer-Fall sweater. The back panel doesn't look like car or wine consuming knitting though, and I need a project for that.

2) There is also color affection. I have wanted to make one of this designers shawls for some time now - and there she goes and makes another irresistible design. Only thing I have to do is select the right yarn combination. There are already several possibilities on the shelves at Woven Art.

3) Then there is the Diamond Sage wrap. It is crocheted. It is Filet crochet with beads. I believe this would make an interesting topic for a class. I have already made a mini one for a shop sample.  For the real thing I am thinking about Tsumugi silk from habu. I found the right beads.

4) I have an idea for double knit toe up socks. Again, I have the yarn ready to go. A set of tiny square double points set aside.

Not able to decide, this past weekend I resurrected a UFO; the mitered cross blanket. I am making a pillow, not a full blanket. It has been on the needles for a year now. One square is all the way done, and a second square is nearly done. All garter stitch, plus some interesting turns, it is perfect for car and bar. Bonus - when I finish this one, I get to start yet two more projects.

I would love some feedback on which to cast on - anyone?