Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sun, Rain and Sheep

And perfect resource management. That is what goes into Imperial Stock Ranch Yarns. You'll want to visit their website for the full story. 

I have been known to fall head over heels in love with a yarn on occasion. A couple of years ago, at our annual trade show, I fell in love with the whole company. This yarn is sustainably ranched in the high dessert in Oregon. I swear you can feel the integrity in the yarn.

This week we have the extreme pleasure of hosting their trunk show.  The garments, many designed by Leigh Radford are very fashion forward, and yet, very wearable. Unusual, but far from ridiculous. And smooshy in the wonderful yarns.

Here are a few teaser pictures. The problem with pictures is that you can't smoosh them, or try them on. Nor can you enter the drawing to enter the kit to make the adorable bracelet set. You will just have to get to downtown East Lansing sometime in the next ten days. That's all the time we have it.

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