Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glove surgery gone terribly wrong

Around Christmas I decided to knit Tecknica for my darling eldest daughter. She is way hip, and lives in Chicago, as an architect. So, she needs her accessories to be stylish, and also have that something extra to make them interesting.  These would be perfect, and make me feel like I am pretty hip too.

It didn't really take all that long to get them into the mail - just about four weeks. And, she loved them. Except. But. This one little problem. They don't fit her in the thumb. We tried stretching them. I even made her put them on wet, thinking they would mold to the perfect size.  We decided they were just too short in that area where the web of the thumb is. We needed extra rows there.

I have seen Sarah  Peasley cut and paste her knitting projects before. I decided to try that. I am not Sarah Peasley. The general idea is that you snip one stitch, and very carefully pick out that row of knitting putting the live stitches from top and bottom on needles. Knit however many rows you need to add, and then graft top back to bottom.  This sounds just slightly less daunting than reknitting two gloves. Right this moment I kind of think reknitting the gloves would be fun.

In this case the glove gets  a little bit complicated around the base of the fingers - not just straight rows of knitting there. Plus - it is color work, so picking the yarn out row by row didn't happen either.

What you see here is the result of me chopping off the fingers, putting the hand stitches back on the needles, and giving up on the fingers. But fingerless gloves are most certainly not the point here.
I have ordered more conductive thread from the evil genius Laura Nelkin. It won't be too bad to knit 8 fingers - right? Tamysn - did you say you would do that for  me?


Lynn Schense said...

I nearly had a heart attack at "cutting off the fingers." Dang!

Tamsyn said...

Why yes Nancy, knitting fingers is absolutely my favorite thing! Tamsyn

meg said...

I still think you should send the old fingers to your eldest in a box, accompanied by a ransom note!