Thursday, January 5, 2012

Studio Time

I have a plan. I am calling it studio time. I will have studio time as often as I can.

Studio time is more a state of mind than it is a place. I anticipate that most of my studio time will be happily spent in one of my studios. I am lucky enough to have two designated spaces in my home. One is wet (basement) for painting and dyeing. One is dry (grown child's former bedroom) for spinning and any form of yarn play. The dry studio is also where I keep books, magazines and a computer.

Studio time can be spent on anything that causes me to grow as an artist and craftsperson. Knitting, crocheting, weaving other people's designs does not count. I will still be doing that, because it is fun, and there are tons of great designs out there that are calling to me. I  learn something from every project. But still, I won't count it.

Studio time can be research. This could include reading about a technique, or taking photos, or gathering inspiration where ever I can find it.
Studio time should be experimental.
Studio time can be productive, as in making real things, so long as they are of my own design. I am allowed to use someone else's ideas as a jumping off point. I hope to return that favor to some other artist or designer down the road.
Studio time might  make me a better shopowner/teacher.
and most important: Studio time just makes me happy.

I was chatting with Kathy (works at Woven Art) about Studio time, as we agreed that when you make space in your life,to be creative, the ideas flood in.

I don't think I will set any goals regarding how much studio time to require of myself. If I aim for ten hours and only get 9, it will make me grumpy and feel like a failure. I know this from past experience. Instead, I will see Studio Time as a gift to myself. One that is really good for me, like exercise and farm fresh veggies.

I gave myself two hours of studio time today. I spun some yarn, worked on a Theo Moorman tapestry, and read a little about diversified plain weave.  And, I feel great.


Baba P said...

I too decided to create dedicated studio time for myself this year. Due to the point I'm at in my artistic development, I count all my time weaving and researching ideas as studio time. My goal is to schedule 16 hours per week as studio time that is dedicated to weaving and weaving development. Knitting is now done at night and when I'm away from home.

So far so good! This past week I've managed to spend 12 hours in studio time. I've warped 75% of a blanket and experimented with technique and fiber for a class I'm going to offer.

The trick for me will be protecting this time from the demands of everyday life and the needs of others. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration!!


Nancy McRay said...

You inspire me too!