Monday, January 30, 2012

Diversified Plain Weave Experiment #1

Here are some results from my first experience with Diversified Plain Weave. I am beginning to understand the basics of this weave structure.  It turns out to be a series of thin-fat-thin yarn sandwiches in both warp and weft. The threading is 1, Pattern,1, 2, Pattern, 2, etc with skinny threads on 1 and 2, fat threads on all the pattern shafts. On an 8 harness loom you will have 6 pattern blocks to play with. 

Weaving is Tabby 1, pattern, Tabby 1, Tabby 2, pattern, Tabby 2. Now a key rule is that an ODD tabby shot must be followed by a pattern shot that is tied up to a 2 plus the pattern. Every EVEN tabby must be followed by a pattern shaft that is tied to a 1 plus the pattern. If you follow this rule, then you have a thin thread tabby base supporting the fat yarn pattern. 

There are also color rules for maximum effect. If your thin warp is dark, your fat warp  should be light, your fat weft should be dark and your thin weft should be light. 

 So, the very first thing I did was break one of the rules. I usually like to know what I am doing before I play fast and loose with the rules, but learning can happen either way. The  picture with the shallow zig zags is a sample of an even tabby followed by an even pattern and odd tabby followed by odd pattern.

 I changed the treadling order for the next sample to the correct version of odd tabby followed by even pattern, and even tabby followed by odd pattern. Makes a big difference. This is the one with the steeper zig zags.  There was never a problem with the weft catching the selvedge threads. The fabric is less stiff. But visually, I like them both. I might even like the "wrong" one a little better. Is it just because it is "wrong"?

 The one with the diamonds is another treadling on the same sample warp. The diamonds are more elongated than I expected them to be. Could be that it is a challenge to weave this structure to square. I will have to do a little more sampling with that question in mind.

 I think I shall hem these and turn them into a hostess gift, along with a bar of handmade soap from Sleeping Frog Farm.
Now, who wants to have me over for dinner?

P.S. For some reason (sunspots?) I can't put the text where I want in relation to the pictures, so You have to use your head a bit. 

I included a picture from my trip to Arizona just for fun, and as a reward to the non-weavers out there.1 Should this be my Christmas Card next year?

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meg said...

As you may have guessed I LOVE the zigzags! So interesting and cool.

And your last picture? I SOOOOoooo miss the southwest. Southwest Santa on a Hog.