Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Resolutions

Oh, I have the usual suspects down. You know, lose weight, be nice to my husband, work harder and smarter. I trust my friends not to really hold me to these. But I also have a creative resolution list.
It's a fluid thing, changing with my interests, energy level, and time constraints. New ideas tend to derail current ideas-in-progress, making it hard to fully accomplish things sometimes.
I accept this fluidity as an important part of my creative process.  But I worry about some of the better ideas getting away if I don't capture them somehow. A new idea actually causes me anxiety, because as much as I want to chase down "new idea", I am worried about dropping and losing the ones I already have brewing.
Did you see Ice Age? With the squirrel needing to keep track of his acorn?  That cracks me up every time I see it. That is exactly how I feel about my fiber to do list. Ironically, just like with the squirrel and his nut, the harder I try to grasp an idea, the more likely I am to either have it slip through my fingers, or squeeze the life out of it.
The coming of a New Year is a great excuse to give a little solidity to ephemeral ideas. I am about to start a list of creative objectives to accomplish in the next year. This list will be a fluid thing, with a few rules. Starting today I will publish a list here of some of the things I really want to do. I am allowed to add more, and maybe even subtract some until and including January 1. On January 2 I will have a final list. And, friends, I expect you to hold me to them.
Here goes:
1. Start an Etsy Shop.
   Weavings I think. But what should I start with? Little Theo Moorman tapestries? Kitchen Towels? Fabulous scarves and shawls? Results from weaving experiments?
2. Experiment with Weaving techniques. Collapse weave with handspun yarn for starters.
3. Write and publish 3 patterns. By publish I mean any public format. It could be in my Ravelry Shop, it could be in a magazine ( in which case I will allow for actual print in 2013), it could be for shop hop. It could be free on my blog. These patterns should be:
        A knitting pattern - first one might be based on something second daughter wants - a 70's style puffy vest.
        A crochet pattern - thinking about either Tunisian bathroom rugs, or Ipad cover
        A weaving pattern - maybe the result of some weaving experiments.
4. Refine my spinning. I can be pretty specific about this one. I want to make a novelty yarn based on instructions in a recent "The Wheel", a publication put out by Ashford. And I want to try this.

OK there it is. Publicly announced, and therefore more embarrassing if I flake out. And, I still have the opportunity to refine, add or subtract for the next 4 days.

Note that this list does not include any ongoing, current, or about to be started projects. I should list them here so that they don't get dropped!
Knit, Swirl
A tunisian entrelac blanket for my couch. Haven't started it yet, but the yarns have been picked out and are on my to do shelf in my studio. That makes it a committment
Mitered Crosses Blanket.  I swear I will finish at least one square. It will make a cute, if impossibly tiny pillow.

And, now it's your turn? Do you have any creative resolutions for 2012? Put them in the comment box - I would love to have some company.

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meg said...

I love your list, and I think they are realistic and will be fun to work on!

I finally formalized mine;

Now to get to work on them!