Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a tradition

I can be pretty sentimental. Traditions are very important to me. So important that I keep creating new ones. Most of these traditions are connected to holidays. In addition to our extended family Christmas traditions (opening presents on Christmas morning, followed by big breakfast of egg bake and sticky buns, for instance), I seem to need traditions that have been created by our nuclear family, for our nuclear family.
Maybe, more accurately by me, for me.
It is for me that I purchase identical tree ornaments for each of my daughters. It gives me so much comfort to think that when they decorate their own trees in their own homes, they will have a similar set of ornaments, and will think of each other, and of me.

It is for me that I am making a set of Judy's Colors Christmas stockings, one per person and in the order in which they joined the family. Not only are they very beautiful on my mantle - but also a reminder of home, should they be taken to another house some year. It happens.

Last year I added another tradition of weaving a set of 4 kitchen towels, one for each daughter's house, and one for mine.

Only problem is choosing who gets which towel. I think I might wrap them in identical boxes, and let it be random. I might be keeping the white one for myself.  I am not worried about blowing the "surprise". It is a new tradition - but they are expecting towels. And, they never read my blog.

For the technically curious: these towels are woven with an "M's and W's" threading. Louet linen warp, cottolin weft.

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