Tuesday, December 20, 2011

F.O. Santa!

I am so excited that I have finished two projects in the "Nick" of time! I just wanted to share the news with Santa, in case he didn't get the message of what a very good girl I have been.
Our  family fun starts tomorrow evening when everyone arrives.  I will have very little time for anything but the most mindless of knitting for the next several days. I am ready!
Kristin's Christmas Stocking - finished a year ahead of time! My tradition is to knit one per year until everyone in my family has their own fancy stocking. I am using the kits from Judy's Colors. I  love how the patterns are sort of traditional, but not really. I finished Kathryn's about a month ago, so I was on schedule already for this year. But, hey, what is the holiday season without some unreasonable knitting deadline? I cast on for Kristin's stocking, thinking that at least I would have a head start on next year. But I finished! Watched "The Help" while putting in the green toe.
Next year I will knit one for Kelly. Really honey! And the year after that, Ryan, my SIL. Then I will be all caught up - unless someone new joins our family in the next two years. What are the odds of that?
I felt so on top of things that I pulled out a "marinating" project. Last Christmas, my oldest gave me a ball of handspun that she had made just for me. So sweet! Then 3 months later, she gave me the other ball. I started knitting myself a hat way back in February, and stopped when I ran out of yarn. Knowing that she is coming tomorrow I decided it would show my appreciation for her gift if I actually finished my hat. 
I like to knit hats from the top down. Especially with mystery yarn. Didn't know the gauge, didn't know how much I had. Turns out I had enough yarn to make a slouchy!  I made the top roomy, and when I got to the headband part, I went down two needles sizes, and began the ribbing. I have about three inches of ribbing there - so the top part hangs nicely off the back of my head. It is super warm, and looks super cute on me. Thanks again honey!

Holiday deadline knitting now completely done. I have cast on for Peiga Cowl, using O'Paca from Fleece artist, held with some hand dyed silk I had in my stash. The O'Paca has the look of a fine mohair yarn, but with the ultimate softness of alpaca. It knits at a gauge of about 5 stitches to the inch on size 7 needles. Fleece Artist does genius color work with their dyes. There is a swatch now in the shop, and maybe the cowl soon - depends on how many holiday movies we watch, and who is mixing the drinks.

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