Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blanket for a baby goddess

A good friend recently had a baby girl, so I made a stroller blanket. Luck me - I have access to great yarn all the time. Most of the warp was found in my stash, and it turned out that the perfect weft was Madeline Tosh DK in the color called Wren.
While planning this project I accidentally wound enough warp for 3 stroller size blankets. So, 2 more will be woven. There will always be new babies.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


IMAG0159.jpg by nancymcray
IMAG0159.jpg, a photo by nancymcray on Flickr.

Soon to be a stroller blanket for a soon to be baby girl

Clock work in progress

IMAG0161.jpg by nancymcray
IMAG0161.jpg, a photo by nancymcray on Flickr.

So, no posts for a very long time, and then four in a row? I was kidnapped by the knitting needles, and the yarnies. These posts might be a cry for help.

This one is Stephen Wests Clockwork, in Punta Merisock and shibui sock. I bought a shirt to go with it, I love it that much.

For Kelly

IMAG0162.jpg by nancymcray
IMAG0162.jpg, a photo by nancymcray on Flickr.

Sock for Kelly. Zauberball Crazy with Gems fingering toe and heel. This is the first sock, and I sort of hope I can make the second sock sort of match.

Christmas stocking

IMAG0164.jpg by nancymcray
IMAG0164.jpg, a photo by nancymcray on Flickr.

Started this years Christmas Stocking kit from Judy's Colors. Must say, these are fun to knit. This one is for Kathryn. My goal is one per year until I have made one for every member of my family. Starting with Gary and I, and in order of when they join. After Kathryn I need to knit for Kristin, Kelly and Ryan. Kind of hoping I never get all the way caught up.