Monday, August 8, 2011


I need some rules. I really want to start a new project, but I have a few that are very close to completion. I love FO's. The sense of accomplishment, the fun of showing off, the garment in my closet, or to give as a gift. But mostly I love that a finished project frees me up to start something new.

Starting something new is kind of like new love. Choosing the yarn, determining which pattern, swatching and casting on is all foreplay. Then there are several days of progress when I can thin of little else. I dream about it at night. But then, it becomes routine and familiar. I still love my projects, but I crave a new thrill.

Don't think for a minute that I am monogamous. I just try to have one project of each of several types going at once.
Currently I have a sock that is 2 inches away from being finished. Then I can start a new pair of socks. I have been working on this pair for over a year. If I don't finish them before starting new ones, I never will.

I also have what I call a long knit, and that would be Volt. She is a beautiful shawl designed by Grace Anna Farrow. I have been working on this for several months. I am now working on the I-cord edging. When that is done I can start my Knit, Swirl sweater.

My loom at home was empty, so I could justify a new weaving project. Hand towels for the bathroom at Woven art
I just started a new crochet project, and have ten more in my head. None of them are small. Most are experimental.

I have two shop projects that I mostly work on while at the shop. They are definitely shop models, made in my size. But they don't count as projects.

Time to stop rambling, and start some finishing.

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