Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sketching with Yarn

I took my rigid heddle loom on a recent lake vacation. I threaded two heddles to be able to do the Theo Moorman technique.  Ms. Moorman developed her technique as a quicker way to do tapestry like images in weaving. However, she soon discovered that her technique also allows for other possibilities. Because you have a ground cloth under the image providing structure, your images do not have to create the plain weave cloth, as is true in tapestry. The image is superficial.
Using Mountain Meadows fingering wool for the fat warp, and moriah merino lace weight wool for the skinny weft, I threaded the loom about 12 inches wide. My though was to create a sketching surface that would allow me to capture my scenery in an intuitive way.  What you see here is my first attempt.
I plan to return to Elk Lake, East side this time, and do s few more sketches. Get a series going.

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Kristina said...

Your sketch is so beautiful! The colors are so moody, I love it.