Thursday, June 30, 2011

Onnie's Birthday Shawl

My MIL, Onnie, will be turning 94 in July. I promised I would make her a shawl. She lives in Texas, but the air conditioning is often too cold for her. I wanted something light weight, but warming, without becoming too hot.  I chose 2/17 tsumugi silk for the warp, and cotton gima for the weft. Both yarns from Habu Textiles.  The weave structure is turned Atwater Bronson Lace. The draft can be found on page 186 in A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns. It is design # 618 by Mary Smith.

The warp was threaded 18 inches wide in the reed, set at 20 ends per inch. I wound a 3.5 yard warp, and wove to 78" long. Not much warp was left!  After washing and pressing, the final shawl dimensions, without fringe, are 16" wide by 72" long.  Perfect!  The fabric turned out to be exactly what I wanted for Onnie. The colors I chose to remind me, and maybe her, of her Florida home.

Happy Birthday Onnie!