Saturday, June 11, 2011

Name dropping

I am in Columbus Ohio, attending TNNA. Sitting in an open area, knitting Volt with Sarah and Meg, a tall, beautiful woman approached me and said: I am Grace Anna Farrow, and I designed that shawl. I was speechless! Sarah got a picture that I might figure out how to share later. I hope I run into her again when I have my wits about me. Later got to hug Melissa Leapman by sneaking up on her from behind. Had dinner and drinks with Carrie and Sherrie from Knit A Round, saw Erica and Suzy crossing the street. Met Iris Shirer and also her latest project. Told Doris Chan in the elevator that I appreciate what she has done for crochet with her wonderful designs.
This morning I have a crochet class with Mary Beth Temple, and then into the market to see all the newest yarns, books, patterns and tools.

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Deb said...

I'm so envious!!