Thursday, June 16, 2011

Knitting in the Rain

 Wednesday night was pretty wet, and windy. But the Stitch 'n Pitch organized by Yarn Garden's Lindsay Potter and WovenArt's yours truly was full of warm fuzzies.
 I was truly amazed at how many lovely people came out to the ball park on a really rainy evening. There was a $2 cosmo special going on.  And the food was worthy of the Ball Park rule ( I only eat brats and wonder bread buns at a ball park).  The goody bags were super cute, stuffed with baseball themed treats. Special thanks to Lindsay for designing a twisted stitch baseball sock - it is so awesome I am going to have to knit two. Unless she let's me keep the shop model she sent. Then I only have to knit one semi matching one.
 Here are a couple of Oakland shawls in process with the wonderful Kauni yarn.
 At least one of these knitters is trying to master Judy's Magic cast on.
 The game was a little slow.
Most folks stayed until around 9:30 - just in time to hear the National Anthem.   A big thank you to everyone who came, and enjoyed!  Knitters are the best people.


Lindsay Potter said...

Sorry Nancy... You'll have to knit two socks, because I don't want to knit three!! ;)

Nancy McRay said...

Didn't think I would get away with it. Hmmm - this means you want your sock back, doesn't it?