Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cross on a Hill

IMAG0119 by nancymcray
IMAG0119, a photo by nancymcray on Flickr.

I presented the final 8 panel project to the Church last night, only to discover that the whole piece was way too big. Somehow, when looking at the blueprints I had it in my head that the space I was to be working with had a top height of 16 feet. Forgot about the doors, I really had only about 7 feet to work with.

That's a big problem.

We agreed to a bit of rearranging. Later, as I tried to go to sleep, I literally prayed, Oh God, please help me solve this problem. A good answer came to me pretty quickly, and involved removing some purple strands of yarn, and cutting a couple of the panels in half. The picture here is of what are now the center four panels. These will be flanked with a 4 foot panel on each side. On the other side of the gathering hall will be the two longest pieces, facing each other like a valley, instead of like a hill.

After I started breathing again, I decided I like this version even more.


tracy_a said...

Oh, Nancy! So glad you figured out a solution - what a heartbreaking moment of realization that must have been. It is still pretty amazingly beautiful - can't wait to see it in place!

Ava said...

So the cross is created by negative space? It's beautiful!

Nancy McRay said...

Thank you Ava and Tracy!

handknitter said...

Oh my. What panic you must have felt! I'm glad you figured something out.

handknitter said...

Oh my. What panic and desperation you must have felt. I'm glad you were able to come up with a Plan B!

Sharan E said...

Oh Nancy - sooo beautiful! A heart-stopping 'oops' became what it was meant to be :) I would love to see it when it is installed!