Friday, April 15, 2011

Two very different shawls

 Here is my St. Lucia shawl - so named for the vacation spot I was going to after sending this off.  The warp is a Mulberry Silk from LeiLani fiber arts - one skein was dyed in an orange to red varigation, and the other in a cool blue to purple colorway. These two were put together in a "clasped" warp - so all the cool colors are on one end of the scarf, all the warm colors on the other. The Mulberry silk was so easy to dye - just sucked the color right up. I used Greener Shades dyes from Stillwater Mill. This process is so easy, you really could do it in your kitchen, using a pot with a rack in it for steaming, one that is dedicated to that purpose.
The weft is sari silk ribbon -also from Leilani Fiberarts.  The weaver is Kathy Popoff - she was testing out the pattern for me, and I think she did a lovely job.  She graciously said it was a really fun project to do. The first and last several inches are in a 4 over 4 leno lace, and the center section is a form of basket weave. Very loosely woven to preserve some softness and drape. There can be some migration of the warp threads, but you just tug them back into shape.
 Just pulled this project off the loom yesterday. My excuse for making this was to try out the new David loom from Louet that has recently become part of the WovenArt studio family.  My other excuse was to do something with Cotton Gima, a slender tape yarn from Habu. This yarn stayed absolutely flat during the weaving process. It felt like a very interesting sheet of paper while under tension on the loom. I also couldn't see the lace pattern at all.  I was using the Lace Net with Plain Weave Ovals from Donna Muller's book HandWoven Laces. The draft was written by Marion Andrews. Once off tension the lace pattern shows up very well. Better than the picture below would indicate. The fabric has a nice stiffness to it - lending it a but of drama and sophistication. I am going to love wearing this shawl.

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The woven piece looks stunning. Have fun wearing it!