Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stand still

I am half way through the weaving part of the seventh panel of the big commission. This and the eight panel are the smallest at 4' by 4' finished.  So, really not much longer before they are done!  Saddly, I have run out of an important color.  More is on the way - but in the meantime, can't weave.

To console myself, I decided, at long last, to purchase a spinning wheel from WovenArt.  I decided on the Matchless from Schacht Spindle.  I feel like a teenager driving a Jaguar. Not yet worthy. But this wheel will take me from beginner to where ever I want to go. So, I love it.  I have a sample of PMS from Rivers Edge to try out, and I have to say, it is like playing with kittens and yarn at the same time! But kittens with no claws or litter box to clean up. The color is a yellow to green that somehow reminds me of melons and spring time. 

This weekend I will begin the process of hemming the panels and finishing them for installation. This is a daunting task, really has to be done just right. Nice to know I'll have a soft reward when I get them finished!

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