Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inappropriate use of Addi clicks

We moved the last of our stuff out of our former condo shed and garage last weekend.  This included two kayaks, a small sailboat, and about a dozen inflated floaty toys. The floaty toys were too big, of course, to get into our car. And, you know, new ones wouldn't cost very much. But we have some lovely memories of these toys.

As Gary was figuring out how to lash three boats to one very small trailer, I was deflating.  Broke three fingernails getting the little valve things unplugged. Then I rolled around on the floating tubes and mattresses, while hugging the life out of the smaller rings and pillows. But, nothing happened. They would not deflate!  Urg!  It was pretty cold, and there I was wallowing in the parking lot in my black wool coat and my winter boots, on top of floaty toys. It took me too long to figure out that there is an INNER flap on all those valves. I said to Gary - I need a stick. But I can't find one strong enough. He offered up his keys, but no, I said. I need something long, and pointy, and strong, like a... like a knitting needle! 

I had needles with me - but they were in a project. Volt, from a few posts back.  Desperate now, I took Volt out of the project bag, and wadded it up, exposing one needle.  Poked it into a valve, and it worked!  But, only as long as the needle was in there. This was going to take too long - and expose Volt to too much dirt.  If only I could take the tip off the cord. Hey! Wait! These were Addi Clicks!  They saved the day. I took off both tips, and we got those floaty toys deflated in no time. I am pretty sure this is not an approved use of this high tech tool - but I didn't care.  I saved the toys. 

And, Volt is in progress again.


shewilker@comcast.net said...

A tool to get the job done is not an inappropriate use. It sounds pretty creative.

JennySchu. said...

I agree, we've used knitting needles for many "inappropriate uses" including getting a cork out of a bottle of wine when we had no corkscrew!