Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vacation Knitting part one

Gary and I took a Winter break over the last two weeks.  We started our vacation by going NORTH to Stokely Creek for a cross country ski adventure.  Along with us went a group of Gary's running friends. A nice surprise was to also run into some people we knew as neighbors years ago. 

The lodge is cozy, has a fire place, and really great food.  The trails are groomed, and suitable for a wide range of skill levels. My skill level is " do I have to?" Our friend, Dick, has an obsession with cross country skiing - so his level is a frightening race to the tops of mountains, followed by shooting down the other side. I didn't ski with Dick.  I enjoyed myself more than I expected to, on lovely gentle slopes, each morning.  Each afternoon I settled in by the fire with a book and my knitting.  To my delight, there were other knitters there as well.

It turned out to be a delightful Winter Break.  And the perfect project pairing?
Volt from The Fine Line  in Isager 100% Wool.  In addition to being easy enough for conversation and wine by the fire, the light weight wool kept my knees toasty.

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