Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Schefflera Cozy

Many of you have seen me working on my Coco Knits Felted Bucket.  It is the perfect pick-up, put down, pick up again project. It has been my shop project for the last few months. I finally threw it in the washing machine a couple of weeks ago.  My intent was to line it, and have it filled with yarn.  But after it came out of the washer, the mid section looked so much like a terra cotta pot that I just had to put a plant in it. Brilliant.  There are so many reasons I like this!  A felt pot won't scratch your table. If you happen to over water your plant, the wool will absorb most of the extra moisture. I want to knit cozies for all my plants now!

I only made a couple of modifications to the original pattern. I used Punta Merisoft for the yarn. I love how it felts and how pretty it is.  I didn't feel like making i-cord handles and attaching them to the sides. Dunno why - just didn't wanna. Instead, I picked up and knit around the top edge, knit one row, bound off for a handle space, casting on again at the same spot on the next round. Then a few more rows of reverse stockingette. After binding off, I tacked the roll over the edge, all this before felting of course. Now I have two handles at the top, to aid in carrying my plant around.

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