Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Comfort Bear

Should I call him Levi? Because he is made of Riveting, a new yarn from Kollage made from 100% post consumer recycled blue jeans.  I started him on our vacation - the perfect beach knit! Not hot, the yarn didn't stick to me, and the pattern was pretty easy - but not boring!

I made the bear for two reasons. I wanted to try out Riveting, (love it!) and I wanted to make a bear for the Lansing Police Department Comfort Bear project. Kristi Garcia has been coordinating this ongoing project in our community for many months now.  All area yarn shops are collection points, with the next pick up in June.  "Levi" (still not sure that is his name) has one friend at WovenArt (Thank You! Sarah!), but they would like more company. Don't you want to knit a smile?

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gramcyn said...

He's cute.